How to Root LG G-Slate!

Here’s how to root the LG G-Slate in Linux:

1. Download and unzip.


2. Open up a terminal in Linux.

3. Turn off your LG G-Slate and connect it to your computer via USB cable.

4. Next, press both Power Button and Volume buttons together for about 5 seconds. You won’t get anything but your LG G-Slate will go into APX mode.

5. Type “lsusb” and you should get something like “0955:7820 NVidia Corp.”.

6. Get into root shell by typing “sudo -i”.

7. Go into the directory where you unzipped to.

8. Type:
./nvflash –bl bootloader.bin –getpartitiontable ptable.txt
./nvflash -r –read 8 system-orig.img

This should take about 5 minutes.

Next type:
cp system-orig.img system.img
mkdir system
mount -o loop system.img system
cp su system/bin
chmod 4755 system/bin/su
cp Superuser.apk system/app
umount system
./nvflash -r –download 8 system.img
Wait another 5 minutes and type:
./nvflash -r –sync

Reboot your G-Slate by presing the reset button under the SIM cover.

You might need to install packages libstdc++6 or lib32stdc++6 to get nvflash to run.

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