How to Enable Adhoc WiFi on Android Tablets!

For those of you who want to connect/tether your Android tablet to your Adhoc Wifi such as your smartphone, you can do it by enabling Adhoc on your tablet device.

In this example, I will use my Galaxy Tab 10.1 but should work on any Android tablet device.

Step 1. Download and unzip to the root folder of your hard disk such as c:\adhoctablets.


Step 2. Put your Android tablet into USB Debugging Mode by going to Settings->Applications->Development.

Step 3. Open up a command prompt by typing “cmd” under Start->Search for Windows or open up a shell in Linux or Mac.

Step 4. Browse to the directory you unzipped  For Windows, type:

cd \adhoctablets

Then type this to enter shell:

adb shell

For Linux:

adb-linux shell

For Mac:

adb-mac shell

Then type:
mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
cp /system/bin/wpa_supplicant /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original
cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.
chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf

Reboot your tablet and you should now be able to connect to Adhoc wireless devices.

If something goes wrong, you can get back into adb shell and type the following to revert:

mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/.
chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf


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281 Responses to How to Enable Adhoc WiFi on Android Tablets!

  1. Tim J says:

    I can’t get beyond the first cp – I get a line saying “sh: cp: not found”.

    I tried with, and without the “sdcard” part in case it was a root dir thing.

    • admin says:

      You need a rooted device and busybox installed, did you root your device?

      • Tim J says:

        Yup, it’s rooted, but no busybox.
        That’s not mentioned here as far as I can see. I’ll try that later.
        I only got that it needs to be rooted from watching the video…
        I’m new to Android, BTW. The GTab 10.1 is my first.

        • primetech says:

          Welcome to Android! Busybox is easy to get if you are rooted, just do a market search for Busybox. All the graphical Android apps you see there are automated installers for your convenience :)

        • sdnn says:

          Hi have rooted GT wifi 10.1 with HC 2.3 and tether Atrix 4g. My computer recognized tethering without any problem. I tried to use the instructions, it couldn’t find the wpa_supplicant in system/bin/. please help.

      • Jorge Alfaro says:

        how can I rooted my device

      • Jorge Alfaro says:

        how can I rooted my device
        If have a problem with SU not found.

      • Roberto says:

        Hi !
        Something goes wrong:
        ::: mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
        Mount: Read-only file system
        ::: cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/.
        cp: /system/bin/ ./wpa_supplicant.original: Read-only file system
        ::: chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
        Unable to chmod /system/bin/wpa_supplicant: Read-only file system

        Busybox is installed: can you help me? Thanks

      • bob says:

        will this work on a GALAXY TAB 2 10.1?
        please let me know …

        thank you….


      • Cameron waddell says:

        I did everything you said and it all went threw no problem. I still don’t see adhoc networks . I am trying to detect my brookstone rover on my Samsung Galaxy tab s2 sm-t817t even after following directions with no errors I still can’t see it. Can you please tell me if there is another method for my model tablet? Thank you.

  2. Tim J says:

    Yeah, that worked. Thanks.

  3. brian starr says:

    I am having trouble getting past the first cp command. it reads cp: can’t stat ‘/sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original’: No such file of directory. Please help, i am pulling my hair out. Also, when I shell it only shows a # symbol, i noticed on the video is shows root@android #, is this a problem?

  4. Jerome says:

    I am sorry, but after doing all these, will i be able to connect my sgt 7″ to my laptop? Basically my laptop is connected to internet using broadband and i would like to connect my samsung galaxy tab to the laptop so that i could surf the internet in my tab… any ideas? thank you in advance

    • Roberto says:

      Jerome, you can if you have a Macbook….. probably can with a PC, i just don’t know how but it’s doable most likely.
      On Macbook you go into System Preferences and Sharing, then Internet Sharing.
      Here comes the tricky part, you need to be getting Internet connection on Bluetooth (like from program called Tether, $50 program on Android phone or Blackberry), so your laptop gets internet through Bluetooth, then through Wifi (or Airport which you select from the list), you will create a network that the Tablet can join. This is not of Ad-hoc style so you don’t even need to enable your Tablet for that….. just install the sharing as I listed.

  5. Guilherme says:

    Hi! I’m tring to change the “wpa_supplicant” file, but something is wrong. The adb shell, when started (in different computers), shows the folling message, and the commends don’t work:

    * daemon not running. starting it now *
    * daemon started successfully *

    when I write any command (like su for instance), it doesn’t work:

    $ su
    su: permission denied

    I tried to use the RootExplorer, copy and paste the file or even delete the file “wpa_supplicant”, but it’s read-only and the change or delete is forbidden.

    What should I do? I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, with Android 2.2.

    Thanks for your help!

    • admin says:

      Your device isn’t rooted, please root your Android first!

      • Peppersprayy says:

        I get the same message stating i do not have permissions but it is rooted. I have ROM Manager installed and able to get SU permissions to install apk files all the time. I can mount and modify files as SU with ES file manager.

        One thing to note though, is that adb devices shows my device.
        Su brings back
        Permission Denied

        • Peppersprayy says:

          I also tried re-rooting the tablet with your instructions and running the same commands and still receive the permission denied. This is with the Starburst ROM as well.

        • Peppersprayy says:

          I tried to install Busy box as you stated above and I just get a message “please wait while we locate busybox and gather system data..” and it just sits there hanging. Part of the install states to make sure you use a ROM that supports Busybox and my question is which one does? I was Starburst currently installed.

          • Peppersprayy says:

            When i go in to ADB SHELL, I am getting the $ which is not SU permissions. I am unsure how or what to get # for SU permissions. Any ideas?

          • Cas says:

            If you have rooted your device, keep an eye on the Tab when you enter the ‘su’ command. A pop-up will show on the tab, asking for permission. If it times out, you will receive the ‘permission denied’ error…

      • Guilherme says:

        So, let’s see if I understood… I must install busybox (, and run it before starting all these proceedings, right?

        And, just a question (to complete the tutorial for the “dummies” in Android), how can we root an android tablet (in a simple way)?


      • Guilherme says:

        Thanks for advising! I rooted the tab as you teached in other post (w/ SuperOneClick), installed Busybox, but the new fila doesn’t work. I used the adb shell, I copied with RootExplorer, but only the original wpa_supplicant works. With the “non-original” file, the wifi doesn’t even start… snif.

        Any idea? Thanks for helping!

        • Stuart says:

          Thanks for all the info but I’m having trouble with the WPA supplicant file.
          My device is a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 7.0 running Android 4.1.1. It’s rooted and confirmed rooted by RootChecker. I’ve installed BusyBox, copied the WPA supplicant to the tablet and successfully worked through the shell commands as posted in the article.
          Everything worked but now my WiFi doesn’t start at all. Presumably there is something wrong with the supplicant file, as I’ve read it may or may not do the trick on some devices (?)

          Will revert to the original supplicant file for now but please can you advise? Is there a more up-to-date supplicant that works? Is there anything I can do to make this one work? The file I’m using is dated as last modified on 12 April 2011, though I can find no information in regards to a version number, etc.

          Many thanks

      • hadi says:

        I am using cayanogemod 9 HP Touchpad
        my device is rooted and i have busybox installed

        when i come to type (adb shell) in cmd and press enter it say device not found ?????????? while my device is connected vai a USB …

        Please try to Help;

  6. Peppersprayy says:

    I am happy to report i know have access with my tablet 10.1 to my android phone… I’m just cheesing over here. After you get Busybox Pro version installed (download the apk from 4shared.. Its free) and reboot. When you use the adb tools, and you run the command adb shell (go back to your tablet and click the allow for SU permissions). I missed that or didn’t know i was getting prompted. I was too busy watching my other monitor. As always the Admin for this site is awesome!!!

  7. Manthan says:

    I can see the ad hoc networks and when i tap on the ad hoc network to connect, it just sits on obtaining ip address and never actually connects to it…any idea what the problem is?

    • Casey says:

      I have the same issue…

      • rain says:

        I had this common problem and almost give up for some time.
        In my experience, it is with my Windows 7 adhoc connection having some issues.

        There are also some times that I get connected and disconnected again repeatedly.
        The issue turns out to be that my phone is trying to connect to an adhoc network that have Internet connection and will not connect if there’s no Internet connection to the adhoc. I just reset my network configuration to of my adhoc, and I’m able to connect to it. Making sure that my Wireless Connection(adhoc) is showing ‘Internet Access’

        What I do is to refresh my Windows 7 connection:
        1. Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings
        2. Right click Local Area Connection(One that is connected to the Internet) -> Properties -> Sharing (tab) -> Uncheck ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection’ -> Click OK
        3. Do number 2, this time at the last parts check the ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection’ -> Select ‘Your_Wireless_Connection’ in drop down -> then click OK

        The steps above eventually refreshes my connection and I have ‘Internet access’ in my Wireless Connection(adhoc)

  8. mewandiaz says:

    stuck at the last command.

    Unable to chmod /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf: No such file or directory


  9. Steve says:

    Hi, I have a Hipad m701 and it is rooted and has the debugger as well.
    but when I Dl’d the sdk and java stuff, I still can not get the shell command to work. it keeps saying
    device not found.

  10. Roberto says:

    This works!!! and on the August release of TouchWiz ROM too.
    The process listed is great or for those used to using Root Manager, etc on Tablet itself, once you get the wpa_supplicant file just overwrite the existing one in /system/bin and as long as Wifi is stopped it’s good to go.
    Reboot required most likely.
    On the other hand if you use the wrong (old) wpa_supplicant, you can mess up the Wifi altogether like I did, so I just re-installed the ROM and it’s all good.
    There is a nice tool called QuickBoot, free in Android store, it allows for Reboot-Shutdown-Recovery-Bootloader booting, you just click it and next thing you know [very fast] you’re in the Recovery mode for example.

  11. Kalyana Chakravarthy Dande says:

    It would be great if admin can update the page to mention BusyBox installation as a pre-requisite.

    Many a time BusyBox gets installed along with custom ROMs but if somone is using stock firmware and just rooted then BusyBox installation is a separate step, I suppose.

  12. Ceemonk says:

    I’ve rooted and installed busybox…I have the drivers installed on my windows machine and the tablet is visable in the device manager, but when I run adb shell from the cmd window I get “error: Device not found.”

  13. Dave Hylands says:

    I had to modify the instructions slightly. On my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (bought from Telus, up here in Canada), I noticed that my /system was mounted on /dev/block/mmcblkp04 and was ext4.

    I had my tab rooted already, so I just used the Terminal Emulator right on the tablet, rather than bothering with adb. So I wound up using:

    mount -o rw,remount /system

    which then doesn’t care which partition or type its mounted from. For me, the ownership of my original wpa_supplicant was, not system.wifi.

    Otherwise, I was able to replace the wpa_supplicant, and I can now connect to ad-hoc networks.

    Thanks for the great tip.

  14. Leandro Scudeze says:

    Please a try but have this message. What i need to do?

    C:\adhoctablets>adb shell
    shell@android:/ $ cp /system/bin/wpa_supplicant /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original
    /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original <
    shell@android:/ $ cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.
    cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.
    cp: can't create '/system/bin/./wpa_supplicant': File exists
    1|shell@android:/ $

  15. SL says:

    Hi there, I am unable to detect wifi signals from my iphone when using my android tablet. Is it that Apple prevents its products from being used together with Android as they are competitors? Is there any way that I can surf internet on my android tablet using the wifi signals from iphone as I can do it with android phone.

    • Dave Hylands says:

      I have a 3G ipad (jailbroken running MiWi) and my wife has a non-3G ipad. When I first got my galaxy tab 10.1 (which is a 3G version), my non-3G ipad could connect to the tab no problem. I made a trip to the US and put an AT&T sim into my 3G ipad and that’s when I discovered that my tab couldn’t connect (until I did the wpa_supplicant thing described in this thread). My tab is currently network locked to telus, which is why I was trying to tether from my ipad.

      Anyways, I’ve successfully used my galaxy tab as both a tether host and as a tether client to an iPad, so I wouldn’t image that there should be any issues with an iPhone.

  16. Ville says:


    First thanks for the instructions. Tethering works great now.

    Same as Dave above, my 10.1 had an ext4 system partition. For everyone else too: If you want to check what’s the correct device on your tab/system, write mount in the shell prompt. That’ll list all the partitions. We are here interested in the row with system/ on it.

    Also, I’d modify the instructions a bit:
    I’d add the (video only) bit about copying the new wpa_supplicant on to the devices sdcard, and I’d remove “-t yaffs2″ from the mount command as it’s not necessary when remounting (like Dave mentioned), I’d also drop the last command as superfluous as we haven’t even touched the wpa_supplicant.conf.

  17. raf says:

    i have a dell streak 7 i followed the post, but i got stock at the replace file wpa_supplicant it says file already exist, i tried to open the folder on the tablet itself but i says that i don’t have permission to over write, pls help

  18. Cosmin says:

    Can you point me in the direction of a working BusyBox install tutorial? I’m not at all good with Linux, and I noticed the busybox install video (provided by galaxytabhacks) from youtube is not working anymore (some screen problems, it appears) so i don’t really want to screw my tablet up yet (since it’s new) but i need ad-hoc wifi connection. Please help

  19. Carolina says:


    Thanks for all your posts. I am stuck with enabling ad hoc wifi, because: I do have a rooter galaxy tab, which y rooted with your instructions. The superuser app shows superuser permissions for wifi tether and busybox.
    I downloaded the, and unzipepd it to C.
    I connected my tab in usb debuggin mode, to my computer running xp. I run a cmd, and type adb shell, and enter into android shell. All fine until here

    But when I run su… i get an error:

    C:\adhoctablets>adb shell
    shell@android:/ $ su
    Permission denied
    255|shell@android:/ $

    I don’t know what else to do, please help me. I could send you printscreens of my tablet, showing my superuser app listing busybox with superuser permissions.

    There is something I am missing?

    I really need this and I think you are the best explaining all these things, so you are my best chance to solve this.

    Thanks a lot

  20. Carolina says:

    Hello again


    It was just matter of rebooting! :\
    I hadn’t rebooted my tablet after installing busybox, so I did it and started all over again.
    When I run su command, everything went fine, I have now a nice rooted Galaxy tab with Ad Hoc Wifi enabled. I tried connecting to my office wifi which is WPA2 and worked. With my home wifi which is WEP, and worked. And from my Iphone4 using MyWi Wifi HotSpot…. instanly connected.

    Trying to help, here are some tips:
    1) Disable Wifi connections and set Airplane mode before you start the process.
    2) Have BusyBox installed:
    I just downloaded a BusyBox Installer from the market, it was “BusyBox Stephen (Stericson)”. I installed it from the appmarket, and then rebooted my tab. After reboot I run the installer and the superuser asked for superuser permissions for busyBox. The installer asked for some directories, and when it asked for system/binx or system/bin, I selected system/bin.

    After that I rebooted again. (this is what I was not doing yet when I posted the previous error).

    Then I followed the steps in this post, carefully.

    I don’t know your name but Thank You!! You’re great :)

  21. Tom says:

    I have put my PC into WIFI ad hoc with a usb stick and I would like to connect my mobile phone Galaxy S Plus to it.
    Does anyone know if what is presented here would work for me?
    Thanks to let me know!

  22. dpsailo says:

    How to enable adhoc wifi on Archos 70 IT

  23. 1337GameDev says:

    I set up a local ad hox with my win7 pc, but i was unable to connect to it. the network show sup as very weak signal and it says “obtaining ip address” and doesn’t get past that step. Before selecting it to connect, the network is listed as full bars. I also used DHCP to get an ip address. My ipod touch can connect fine to this network, so i know it works fine and gives out ip addresses fine. Why would this be?

    [For people having problems accessing su, make sure your tablet is rooted and you accept the super user request that should pop up (if this is your firts time using adb and typing su that is))
    for people who have problems copying wpa_suppliment, copy it first to your /SDCARD folder on your tablet. It is the root folder when you plug the tablet into your computer with usb debugging off. Then the command will work.

  24. Michael says:


    do you have root on your archos 70it? i ask, because i also had the same pad and i didn’t find a way to root this pad. so i gave it to my girlfriend and bought an acer a500 :)

  25. Walter says:

    I have bought a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 and I am a Android newbie. I have managed to root the device and I installed the busybox. I followed your instructions re enabling adhoc WiFi step by step. When I entered “cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.” I got the message “can’t stat “/sdcard/wpa_supplicant” no such file or directory”. I continued entering the following lines – everithing went ok. After rebooting I tried to get WiFi connection between the Tab and my HTC HD2. The Smartphone was recognized by the Tablet but when I tred to connect I got the message “”adhoc is not supported by Android platform yet” I can see with the file explorer that all wpa_supploicant files have the same size. Therefore I am assuming that the “cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.” command did not wirk. Any idea what I can do to get it done ?

  26. 1337GameDev says:

    Type su before those commands. Wait for superuser to see u want root access and click allow. There should be a # sign in the terminal, if u dont have root it is $. The last character where u type commands that is. Make sure to also copy the file wpa_supplicant to ur sd card location that tbe command expects. There is a dif between “sd card” and “sd card/external sd”. The 2nd one is ur actual sd card location. Its odd but thats where it is.
    Also note any spaces in the commands. Try a copy and paste on the tablet to avoid that. (bring up his page on tablet anf copy command from this page)
    Also after copying reboot.

    Ps: the superuser prompt is a biggie. No allowed super user access no modifying this file.

    Hope this helps!

    • Walter says:

      Thank you 1.337GameDev for your reply. I tried the same procedure again. I always had the # sign, I checked also with the root checker – the root access is ok., the Busy Box (Ver 1.19.3) is also ok. Nevertheless I alway get the error message “can’t stat “/sdcard/wpa_supplicant” no such file or directory” after command “cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.”. All wpa_supplicant files which I can find on the tablet have still exactly the same size – so I can assume that the copy / paste of the new wpa_supplicant file did not take place. I entered all command with copy/paste from the original post – so I can exclude any typing error. Any idea where the problem is ?

      • Dave Hylands says:

        The problem is that the /sdcard/wpa_supplicant is missing.

        I also think that there is a step missing in the instructions. Which is to copy the wpa_supplicant file to your tablet. I didn’t use adb, but I think that something like (replacing adb with the linux/mac variant as appropriate)

        adb push wpa_supplicant /sdcard/wpa_supplicant

        should work. You would do this before doing the adb shell command. You could also use one of the Wifi transfer tools, or plug your tablet into your computer as a hard drive (I think that USB debugging needs to be off for that – not sure). Anyways, you need to get the wpa_supplicant file that’s in the copied onto your tablet.

  27. Demon36 says:

    didnt work on my rooted x8 having eclair stock 2.1 and busy box

  28. Ralph Bombardiere says:

    I rooted my tab and followed all the instructions, it all seemed to go fine but I still can’t see any adhoc connections. How can I verify that it’s actually installed or how can I troubleshoot. Thank you

  29. rapa says:

    Thanks for this great tutorial.

    This is for samsung galaxy y : (phone), the thing is only the wpa_supplicant needed to be downloaded from here:
    and it worked yesterday

    But from today, it gives connecting and scanning loop, while it shows the ad hoc network in list.

    Log is below:
    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
    Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    C:\Users\addhoc->cd downloads

    C:\Users\addhoc-\Downloads>adb shell
    ‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    C:\Users\addhoc-\Downloads>cd adhoctablets

    C:\Users\addhoc-\Downloads\adhoctablets>adb shell
    * daemon not running. starting it now *
    * daemon started successfully *
    $ cd /data/misc
    cd /data/misc
    $ cd dhcp
    cd dhcp
    $ ls
    $ ls -al
    ls -al
    -al: No such file or directory
    $ cd /data
    cd /data
    $ cd /etc/wifi
    cd /etc/wifi
    $ ls
    $ cat wpa_supplicant.conf
    cat wpa_supplicant.conf
    ##### wpa_supplicant configuration file template #####
    ctrl_interface_group=wifi$ cd /data/misc/wifi
    cd /data/misc/wifi
    cd: can’t cd to /data/misc/wifi
    $ cd /data/misc
    cd /data/misc
    $ ls
    opendir failed, Permission denied
    $ su
    # ls
    # cd dhcp
    cd dhcp
    # ls
    # exit
    $ exit

    C:\Users\addhoc-\Downloads\adhoctablets>adb push wpa_supplicant.conf /pushpull/wp
    failed to copy ‘wpa_supplicant.conf’ to ‘/pushpull/wpa_supplicant.conf’: No such
    file or directory

    C:\Users\addhoc-\Downloads\adhoctablets>adb mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/bl
    ock/mtdblock3 /system
    Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.26

    -d – directs command to the only connected USB devic
    returns an error if more than one USB device is
    -e – directs command to the only running emulator.
    returns an error if more than one emulator is r
    -s – directs command to the USB device or emulator w
    the given serial number. Overrides ANDROID_SERI
    environment variable.
    -p – simple product name like ‘sooner’, or
    a relative/absolute path to a product
    out directory like ‘out/target/product/sooner’.

    If -p is not specified, the ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT

    environment variable is used, which must
    be an absolute path.
    devices – list all connected devices
    connect : – connect to a device via TCP/IP
    disconnect : – disconnect from a TCP/IP device

    device commands:
    adb push – copy file/dir to device
    adb pull [] – copy file/dir from device
    adb sync [ ] – copy host->device only if changed
    (see ‘adb help all’)
    adb shell – run remote shell interactively
    adb shell – run remote shell command
    adb emu – run emulator console command
    adb logcat [ ] – View device log
    adb forward – forward socket connections
    forward specs are one of:
    jdwp: (remote only)
    adb jdwp – list PIDs of processes hosting a JDWP transport

    adb install [-l] [-r] [-s] – push this package file to the device and i
    nstall it
    (‘-l’ means forward-lock the app)
    (‘-r’ means reinstall the app, keeping its data
    (‘-s’ means install on SD card instead of inter
    nal storage)
    adb uninstall [-k] – remove this app package from the device
    (‘-k’ means keep the data and cache directories
    adb bugreport – return all information from the device
    that should be included in a bug report.

    adb help – show this help message
    adb version – show version num

    (no option) – don’t touch the data partition
    -w – wipe the data partition
    -d – flash the data partition

    adb wait-for-device – block until device is online
    adb start-server – ensure that there is a server running
    adb kill-server – kill the server if it is running
    adb get-state – prints: offline | bootloader | device
    adb get-serialno – prints:
    adb status-window – continuously print device status for a specifie
    d device
    adb remount – remounts the /system partition on the device re
    adb reboot [bootloader|recovery] – reboots the device, optionally into the boo
    tloader or recovery program
    adb reboot-bootloader – reboots the device into the bootloader
    adb root – restarts the adbd daemon with root permissions
    adb usb – restarts the adbd daemon listening on USB
    adb tcpip – restarts the adbd daemon listening on TCP on th
    e specified port
    adb ppp [parameters] – Run PPP over USB.
    Note: you should not automatically start a PPP connection.
    refers to the tty for PPP stream. Eg. dev:/dev/omap_csmi_tty1
    [parameters] – Eg. defaultroute debug dump local notty usepeerdns

    adb sync notes: adb sync [ ]
    can be interpreted in several ways:

    – If is not specified, both /system and /data partitions will be u

    – If it is “system” or “data”, only the corresponding partition
    is updated.

    C:\Users\addhoc-\Downloads\adhoctablets>adb shell mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /
    dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    mount: Operation not permitted

    C:\Users\addhoc-\Downloads\adhoctablets>adb shell
    $ su
    # mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    # exit
    $ exit

    C:\Users\addhoc-\Downloads\adhoctablets>adb push wpa_supplicant.conf /pushpull/wp
    failed to copy ‘wpa_supplicant.conf’ to ‘/pushpull/wpa_supplicant.conf’: No such
    file or directory

    C:\Users\addhoc-\Downloads\adhoctablets>adb shell
    $ cd pushpull
    cd pushpull
    cd: can’t cd to pushpull
    $ cd /data/pushpull
    cd /data/pushpull
    $ dir
    dir: permission denied
    $ ls
    $ exit

    C:\Users\addhoc-\Downloads\adhoctablets>adb push wpa_supplicant.conf /data/pushpu
    28 KB/s (147 bytes in 0.005s)

    C:\Users\addhoc-\Downloads\adhoctablets>adb shell
    $ su
    # cd /data/misc/wifi/
    cd /data/misc/wifi/
    # ls
    # cat wpa_supplicant.conf
    cat wpa_supplicant.conf


    # cat wpa_supplicant.conf
    cat wpa_supplicant.conf


    • Brijesh says:

      Hi rapa,
      many many thanks for the wpa file for galaxy y.
      u are awesome man the file works perfectly.
      i had the foresight to d/l the file last week b4 megaupload was banned
      eventhough i just purchased the galaxy y yesterday :)
      thanks a lottt!!!

      • Richard says:

        Hi Brijesh

        Do you still have that wpa_supplicant file? I’d like to use it on my Galaxy Y. Could you upload it somewhere?


  30. Tony I says:

    I use a windows smartphone with WMIwifiRouter. I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and would like to use the Ad Hoc wifi network. I tried what was suggested here with no luck. I copied the necessary files and placed them in a folder on my desktop, made the mods to point to that folder on my desktop and copy/modify in text file/past to look at the folder on my desktop. I then rebooted my tab after using the modified su command. No results I still can not see the Ad Hoc network.
    Can you please help me with this.
    Thank you in advance
    Tony I

  31. steve says:

    Has anyone tried this with the kindle fire yet???

  32. 1337GameDev says:

    I encountered that error and looked up the code documentation for that command, and it showed that the file probably did not exist at the location i tried copying form. Just disable usb debugging on your tablet (under settings-applications-development-checkbox for usb debugging must be unchecked) and then plug your tablet into your computer and wait for it to mount as an external drive tablet must be on and unlocked otherwise mtp app wont allow windows to see it) then goto the folder called “sdcard” and put “wpa_supllicant” in there from the zip file in the article above. Then retry that command, ensuring you have root access, and it should work fine.

    • 1337GameDev says:

      Personally i cannot connect to adhoc, as i initiated one with my win7 pc, but it can atleast see them and attempt to connect to them now.

      • Walter says:

        Thank you for your help. I did as you proposed (I moved the wpa_supplicant file onto the tablet, then into the right folder (sdcard) and I repeated all commands as indicated above and …. it worked. I am not familiar with the command language above but I think there is something missing or wrong in this code.
        Thank you again for all your replies !

  33. michael says:

    I downloaded the file to my tab unzipped using android zip. I copy the file and used root explorer to go into sytem bin, then mount rw and then paste. It overwrite the old file, BUt the wifi doesnt turn on it comes up with an error. I re-installed old wp file and wifi works. How can i get the new wp to work

  34. michael says:

    Hello can you help me. I downloaded the zip file to my tab and unzip using android zip. I then open rootexplorer to access the files. My wifi was turned off. I copy over the new wp file from the zip. i mount rw and paste the new wp file. Then came up do u want to replace the file that is there. I hit yes. It pasted, but when i turned on the wifi it comes up with error. So i repasted the orginial wp file back and the wifi now works again. I tried replacing the new wp file for adhov three times and i always get error. Can you please help me to get the adhoc to work.

  35. Tony I says:

    I went through the process you laid out and still I am unable to see the AdHoc wifi. I must be doing something wrong. Very frustrated and Yes of course Samsung says that the device can not be connected to AdHoc…lol
    Can you please assist me with this?

  36. Tony I says:

    Another piece of information. I use to be able to view the wireless network from my Windows Touch Pro 2 utilizing WMWifiRouter on my tab (just could not connect). Last night there was a firmware update which I installed and now……Can not see it.

  37. Tony I says:

    This is what I typed into the dos window. I have the files saved on my desktop in a folder called Galaxy Tab

    C:\Users\Tony>cd desktop \galaxy tab

    C:\Users\Tony\Desktop\Galaxy Tab>adb shell
    shell@android:/ $ su
    mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    cp /system/bin/wpa_supplicant /wpa_supplicant.original
    cp /wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.
    chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
    chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
    s exitu
    mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    cp /system/bin/wpa_supplicant /wpa_supplicant.original
    cp /wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.
    chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
    chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
    shell@android:/ # mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    shell@android:/ # cp /system/bin/wpa_supplicant /wpa_supplicant.original
    sh: cp: not found
    127|shell@android:/ # cp /wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.
    sh: cp: not found
    127|shell@android:/ # chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
    shell@android:/ # chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
    shell@android:/ # su
    mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    cp /system/bin/wpa_supplicant /wpa_supplicant
    cp /wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.
    chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
    chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
    sh: exitsu: not found
    s2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system <
    chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
    shell@android:/ # cp /system/bin/wpa_supplicant /wpa_supplicant
    sh: cp: not found
    127|shell@android:/ # cp /wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.
    sh: cp: not found
    127|shell@android:/ # chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
    shell@android:/ # chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
    shell@android:/ #

    If you can assist me with this it would greatly be appreciated.

  38. BarryD9545 says:

    I have a rooted Vizio VPAD1008 and everything goes smoothly until:

    C:\>cd ad-hoc
    C:\ad-hoc>adb shell
    $ su
    # mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    # cp /system/bin/wpa_supplicant /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original
    cp /system/bin/wpa_supplicant /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original
    # cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.
    cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.
    cp: can’t stat ‘/sdcard/wpa_supplicant’: No such file or directory

    What am I missing here?


    • Fossil12 says:

      The same thing happened to me….for some reason it does not want to copy over the new wpa_supplicant file. I had to move the file by using root explorer (download from the droid market). Once I did that, I proceeded with the rest of the commands (chmod and chown) and I was good to go.

      chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
      chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf

  39. Huzefa Akhter says:

    It works !

    Good tutorial. Thanks.

  40. calvin smith says:

    followed all the steps everything seemed to go well . got no errors. reboted my samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus and now i have no wife. indicates wifi turning on but then it times out with error

  41. calvin smith says:

    followed all the steps everything seemed to go well . got no errors. rebooted my samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus and now i have no wifi. indicates wifi turning on but then it times out with error

    • Jairo says:

      Me too. Wifi crashed. It turns on and looks a little while for connections then suddenly ti turns off again. Need help.

    • Glenn N says:

      Me too, and now I can’t revert to working infrastructure wifi! With terminal emulator and su, I am able to restore /system/bin/wpa_supplicant (actually I didn’t need to, because the file was never changed by ZT-180). I found the original copy of /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf and restored it, also “chown system.wifi wpa_supplicant.conf”. But now wifi will not work – it spends time “Turning on”, then eventually gives up with error.

      Yikes, this is horrible, I don’t know what else to look for. What could be preventing me from getting back to the original working config?

      • Glenn N says:

        I don’t think I ever posted my resolution. I did a factory reset and then all was OK – my wifi worked again.

  42. RichardHC says:

    Does anyone know WHY this is a problem? Why the tablet has to be rooted to do an adhoc connection to a notebook wifi network? It seems like such a normal thing to do I can’t figure out why Android or Samsung has not made it really simple to do.

  43. Frederick1337 says:

    Thank you!~ You are now one of my best friends. : ) This worked perfectly on my galaxy phone to tether with my other phone. I had to do it because in this area there is not 4glte yet, and my phone has no 3g, so I tethered it to the one that does get 3g, cause the one that gets 3g has no flash update for videos yet. I used ESfileexplorer to move the files. For some reason my busybox wasnt working. Also I was stuck acquiring ip for awhile, on Barnacle wifi I just clicked associate and BAM! Thanks again!

  44. chintu says:

    I followed all the steps as mentioned, it all went well but after reboot wifi keeps turning on and off itself…:(

  45. Jonathan says:

    Man you are the best!!!! thannks a lot, working perfect, Nokia N8 tethering to Galaxy Tab P7510.

  46. Hey, advanced iPhone user here new to Android, I got the Coby Kyros 7024 for free a couple days ago, Managed to successfuly root it and have Busy Box going, I seem to also have installed the drivers on my pc but yet cannot access anything in CMD following all instructions, as if my device is not connected though it is and should be recognized as it was by Superoneclick which is what Rooted it, I also do not have an SD card and was wondering if in the end that will screw me during the process…what do I need to do to finish this process or is there another way… Id really like to get this thing tethered to my iphone adhoc connection and off my GF’s Win 7 PC running Virtual Router….PLEASE HELP!

  47. norm says:

    why do i keep getting error device not found when i enter adb shell?? pls help meee

  48. Tony M says:

    Thanks for this, it works. One problem though, it no longer connects to my home wifi which is non-broadcasting WPA2. It worked fine before the mod.

  49. bryanguas says:

    I am stuck @adb shell. when I type adb shell, I only get $ and when I tried to proceed in typing su i only get ->permission denied. I have rooted my Samsung Galaxy Tab p1000 and installed busybox pro. I do not know what else to do. I am desperate to be connected with my ad hoc. Please. I am a super noob in android, this is my first android device.

  50. michael says:

    I found an easier way for the galaxy tab to connect to your phone without changing the wpa_supplicant file. Go to google and type android wifi tether. You will find the android tether apk. Download the latest verison. After installing the apk, open and then go to menu then to settings. In setting click on change device profile and chose your phone. THe go to change set-up method and click on netd(master). Then exit out of menu and click to start the tether. It will come up with a mobile access point that can be seen by the tab because it is not an adhoc network. Enjoy and have fun

    • 1337GameDev says:

      What if i have an iphone? What if i want to connect to my pc? Ad hoc is easily deployed, having to work around with an app is not a good work around. Modifying ONE file ONCE is an easy workaround. I dont know why android deliberately cut this feature. Confuses me why they try to make themselves better than iOS but then cut / omit features on purpose. I dont understand.

      • michael says:

        You only need to change the setting once and they will be save. After that is just starting the wifi tether and you tablet will connect right away.

        • 1337GameDev says:

          But it doesnt solve the problem with the adhoc problem. Yet it works for android phones but this is not meant to be an advertising place for an app. It is meant to enable features for the galaxy tab that were not there before. If the app was installed on the tab and allowed adhoc connections then i would not be bias against it. But its just a workaround for one situation. Finding a workaround formever situation is a lot of work, trust me, but doing one workaround for all is more practical.

          • michael says:

            I understand what you are saying, but I think the main point is to get your tab connected to internet through your phone. Since you have to download apk for the tether on your phone anyway, this is just giving you another option.

  51. willrog says:

    I’ve done everything you said in here and now I am able to see ad hoc networks =) I try it as you did with my android phone and got internet with no problems.

    At my office I use a windows xp laptop and I also created an ad hoc network but in this case my galaxy tab 10.1 stays in a loop at “obtaining IP address”. I read about similar problems with android tablets and even people talking about modifying the supplicant file… do you know why does this happens so I can find a solution?

    Thank you!

    • 1337GameDev says:

      i have this problem with windows 7 laptop. It sees it fine, but never actually connects. Maybe something with how windows networking api handles infrastructure mode vs ad hoc mode? Idk.

  52. David says:

    Almoste there… But in the last line I get problems as below. Any idea? Please help :)
    (Unable to chmod /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf: No such file or directory)

    $ su
    # mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    # cp /system/bin/wpa_supplicant /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original
    cp /system/bin/wpa_supplicant /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original
    # cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.
    cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.
    # chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
    chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
    # chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
    chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
    Unable to chmod /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf: No such file or directory
    # exit

  53. kashem58 says:


    i have been trying to get ad hoc to work on my HP touchpad that is running Android 2.3.5,

    i have followed all the steps, my tablet is rooted, i CAN see my ad hoc network (from my phone using barnacle) but i cant connect to it, it says “remembered” but when i click connect on my tablet it doesnt do anything.

    i managed to connect once but then got disconnected straight away, any solutions?

  54. Jay Shapiro says:

    WORKED! – Samsung Infuse 4G

    Thanks for this, exactly what I needed.

    I would agree about the edits to mention:
    – Copying the wpa_supplicant file to the SDcard FIRST
    – Removing the last line about wpa_supplicant.conf which is unnecessary and causes an error

    Thanks for the time putting this together!

  55. irontman says:

    I did everything as written above, with no errors. I rebooted at the end of the process and since have no WIFI.
    I tried to remount the .original file but that didnt work. when i trying to start busybox, i get a message that the device is not rooted. ( it is) i got to superuser app and “forget” busybox. i now cant install busy box again as i dont have wifi.
    any ideas?

  56. irontman says:

    Ok, i remounted form the system/bin folder the original file and got wifi working again.
    now i need to figure out how to enable Ad Hoc support.

  57. Jon says:

    God guide works fine, but didn´t see that busybox was needed at first.

  58. Tony I says:

    I ensured my tab is rooted. I copy/paste the commands you posted making a change or two. I don’t have an sdcard so I had to save to my desktop. Entered utilizing cmd window on pc the following:
    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
    Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    C:\Users\Tony>cd desktop/galaxy tab

    C:\Users\Tony\Desktop\Galaxy Tab>adb shell
    shell@android:/ $ su
    mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    cp /system/bin/wpa_supplicant /desktop/wpa_supplicant
    cp /wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.
    chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
    chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
    chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
    Permission denied
    s2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system <
    mount: Operation not permitted
    255|shell@android:/ $ cp /system/bin/wpa_supplicant /desktop/wpa_supplicant
    cp: can't create '/desktop/wpa_supplicant': No such file or directory
    1|shell@android:/ $ cp /wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.
    cp: can't stat '/wpa_supplicant': No such file or directory
    1|shell@android:/ $ chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
    Unable to chmod /system/bin/wpa_supplicant: Read-only file system
    10|shell@android:/ $ chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
    Unable to chmod /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf: Operation not permitted
    10|shell@android:/ $
    The above is what I rcvd.
    Can someone please assist me with this. The Tab was purchased as a wifi only and has no association with any cell phone providors.

  59. Russ says:

    Can’t download – whenever I try for the past couple weeks I get an error page saying:

    I’d like to do this mod so I can tether my tab to my phone.
    Is there a way to tether my tab to the phone using bluetooth?

  60. nico says:

    hi, try it with windows xp and my tablet android. Well as far as income “adb shell”, recognizes the device but to enter “su” replies “su not found”. What happens? Thank you very much!

  61. Dave says:


    I tried your method on my Coby Kyros 1126 tablet and altough it seemed to work my wifi connection is now turning on and off by itself every couple of seconds and I cant get a connection. I can see my ad hoc network from my phone on my tablet, but the wifi wont stay on? I did run the second set of commands you listed for problems which made no change, I tried reset on the tablet and I did a full factory reset but I am still having the wifi problem.

    Do you have any suggestions?


  62. Rares says:

    I tried this and my wifi doesn’t work anymore. Anyone can help me ?

  63. Anne_belle says:

    hi! i did follow yr wt u said
    n i did install busy box n rooted my tab tooo
    but in the command prompt,

    C:\Users\User1>cd desktop

    C:\Users\User1\Desktop>cd ad hoc

    C:\Users\User1\Desktop\ad hoc>adb shell
    shell@android:/ $

    i just want to know what should i put ???
    i did put su
    n it didnt work :(

    plzzzz can you tell me wht to do plzzzzz

  64. Anne_belle says:

    hey max! its me again! im getting better this time,,, but still not sure wt to do
    here is wt i got,,,,,

    C:\Users\User1>cd desktop\ad hoc

    C:\Users\User1\Desktop\ad hoc>adb shell
    adb server is out of date. killing…
    * daemon started successfully *
    shell@android:/ $

  65. thya says:

    I use LG-P990 and cant do
    cp /system/bin/wpa_supplicant /desktop/wpa_supplicant
    cp /wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.
    always not found , so what’s should i do? Please help….

  66. hapinder singh says:

    I used above mentioned method and followed above mentioned steps on dell xcd35 with android 2.2 however now the wifi keeps turning itself on and off randomly.

    I tried to undo the operation with the given command and also did a hard and soft reset but the wifi is still acting the same way.
    Please help me and guide me what to do

  67. bruce says:

    hey just wondering why it says device cant be found when i do the cmd line adb shell its irritating

  68. siddhant says:

    is it necessary to copy wpa_supplicant file to sdcard of tablet???
    why is it not mentioned in instructions???
    but it is in the video….

    • 1337GameDevQ says:

      Yes it is needed. Probably was a typo. You copy it there to run the commands on the tablet rather than adb on a computer to transfer the file.

  69. Arend says:

    I have created a tool to enable Ad Hoc wifi on at least the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7510. I am working to add more devices but need help with people testing this out.

    The app currently does all the steps in this tutorial. It will also check if you have rooted your tab and have busybox installed before doing anything. You can disable the compatibility check if you do not have the GT-P7510.
    The market link:
    If you want to help out please add details in the comments on:

  70. Manuel says:

    Just for your information, it worked fine with Samsung Galaxy Note wich is more a Mobile Phone than a tablett, but nevertheless. I had to adjust a couple of paths, for example the config File is located under system/etc/wifi instead of data/misc/wifi. The best thing for me was to check out the different paths and after that everything was fine.

    Thxs a lot and cheers from Switzerland, Manuel

    • Antonello says:

      Didn’t work on my Galaxy Note.
      After changing the file the phone was keeping saying “Turning WiFi on..” without doing anything.
      I did the revert procedure and then it worked fine again without the ad-hoc networks as usual.

      Please correct the post, the exact revert command it should be
      cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/wpa_supplicant

      Thanks anyway.

  71. Michael says:

    In the description how to revert the change there is a little mistake:
    Instead of:
    cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/.

    it should read:
    cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/wpa_supplicant

    Otherwise the “wpa_supplicant.original” is just laying around in “/system/bin”.

    • Hooryder says:

      Thank you so much. This fixed the wifi back to its original state after it was stuck in searching mode. But I still can’t fix the ad hoc ughhh, really need wifi on the go.

  72. 1337GameDevQ says:

    Just use a root file explorer and move the file. Then set permissions to 755 which I believe is all users (3 dif kinds should be listed) and enable all permission for each. Then reboot.

  73. Frank Perry says:

    This update does not work on ICS I am looking for a wga_ Supplicant that does if anyone can assist it would be much help. I have a wifi Xoom running ICS 4.0.3 And it turns off wifi all together when i do this. It worked when it ran Honeycomb but no longer on ICS. Thanks.

    • 1337GameDevQ says:

      Once again. WORKS ON HONEYCOMB. Not ICS. Two dif os’s. It’s like trying to run a program for win7 on a win98 computer. Similar os, but very dif. This patch WILL NOT work on ICS. Google for an appropriate fix for ICS adhoc usability.

  74. hima says:

    when i write ( adb shell ) in cmd i got ( shell@android ) not ( root@android ) although i have rooted my tablet…
    and what can i do
    i’m from Egypt so does it will work in Egypt or not
    and Thx alot

    • 1337GameDevQ says:

      Pls read above posts. As discussed before it works with all honeycomb devices and you should type the command SU to get super user root access. Allow any super user popup requests.

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  76. roN says:

    I rooted my new 10.1 tab with instructions (and rom) from but now when i do “su” after “adb shell” I get “permission denied” which probably means that my rooting didn’t work properly – how can I verify this? I tried it twice already.

    Thanks for help!

  77. SUBI_PILOT says:

    1. can we do this without inserting memory card,
    2. instead of “sdcard” can we use any Usb stroage device,
    3. Is it possible to do this with the help of “super one click” app,

  78. Jon C says:

    Any help for a dumb mistake? I used Droid explorer to move the wpa_supplicant file off of my device (Nook Touch) since Nook touch doesn’t have the cp command. I used the chmod 755 command and the chown. Then after rebooting my wifi doesn’t connect — the mac address is missing. I used Droid explorer to put the original file back, and did the chmod and chown as above.

    The problem is, now the Nook Touch, when I turn on wireless, a message flashes two time (Unable to scan for networks) and wifi turns off. The MAC address is gone, and I guess that’s the cause. Any idea how to get it back?

    I’m sure I did something dumb, but hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks in advance.


  79. naveen says:

    does this support xoom running on ICS

    • Frank Perry says:

      Everyone is telling me that it won’t and when I tried it cut my wifi off completely. I hope they get one soon. I’m in the same boat I have a rooted xoom running ICS.

  80. FellIainy says:

    This work with Symbian Phone using JoikuSpot?
    Anyone has try?
    Sorry for my bad english. .

    • For me (Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi only aka GT-P1010 and mobile phone Nokia E70) the method
      described in the posting didn’t work but the ZT-180 ad hoc switcher (in the
      market) in combination with Joiku Spot on the E70 did.

  81. Clifford says:

    I’m running the Overcome rom on Galaxy Tab 10.1 wi-fi and trying to do the adhoc hack keep getting error /system.bin:No such file or directory.

    Any clues???

    • Dave Hylands says:

      Hi Clifford,

      So what command were you trying to enter which gave you the error?

      I don’t see any commands which mention using /system.bin

      I do see commands which mention /system/bin/.

      which is a totally different path.

      • Clifford says:

        cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.

        • Dave Hylands says:

          Hi Clifford,

          I don’t see how you can get an error which mentions /system.bin while doing the command:

          cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.

          Did you mistype the error message?

          • Clifford says:

            No such file or directory

          • Dave Hylands says:

            Hi Clifford.

            If I had to guess, I would say that the /sdcard/wpa_supplicant file is missing. Did you copy it there?

            IIRC it comes from the file and if you’re following the instructions verbatum you need to copy the wpa_supplicant file into the /sdcard directory in order the commands to work exactly as posted.

  82. kuma yabushi says:

    im having issues getting past “adb shell” it says “error: device not found” my device is factory rooted and i have busy box from the android market. i have also tried the Ad hoc enabler app and that doesnt work either. what could be the problem in my case?

  83. kuma yabushi says:

    i am having issues getting past “adb shell” it says “error: device not found” my tablet is factory rooted and has busy box installed from android market. i have also tried the “Ad hoc enabler” app and it doesnt work either. what could be the problem in my case

  84. kuma yabushi says:

    p.s. my tablet is running android gingerbread 2.3.1

  85. 1337GameDev says:

    Gingerbread is unsupported on this tablet. This is a discussion about the 10.1 honeycomb (or ics) tablet. Not the 7in. For honeycomb users I would suggest going to xda and finding a custom rom for this tablet. I am on galaxy task 650′s rom for the wifi version of the galaxy tab 10.1 and it comes with USB charging and other goodies. It greatly improves tablet performance. You have to flash pershoots kernel in another thread above it using clockwork mod recovery to get overclocking, uwb charging, and ad hoc to be enabled.

    • Kuma yabushi says:

      Can you please guide me in the right direction? I’m totally new to the whole tablet world. I’m only familiar with windows terminology. Im not sure how to find a custom rom or configure kernels or anything of such. I have a Yuandao n80a 8inch tab. I sought advice from their website but it’s all in Chinese. Am I SOL or is there someday around this?

  86. John says:

    Hi All,

    Nice guide! Nice zip setup at the begining as It would have saved me from downloading the entire Adroid dev program to get adb had I seen it first.Been trying every wpa_supplicant on the net to get my Galaxy Tab 7+ to work with adhoc networks. This one comes close as I can see the ad hock network with wifinder but it does not seem to connect. It just keeps trying. Oddley enough the built in wifi program on my Tab shows the adhoc as not in range so I had to use WiFinder so it would ask for the password. The only issue I had was permissions 777 would not run without an error but I set all permissions with with Root Explorer. At least this wpa_supplicant did not break my wifi as others have but I stll cannot connect to ad hoc. Any suggestions? I’d really like my tab to connect to ad hoc networks. It’s ashame Samsung crippled it this way…

  87. Warren B says:

    Worked great for me the second time , the first time it didnt because I put yaffs not yaffs2 and it made the difference works great connecting , not too sure about getting to the internet as it says no internet access on my laptop, haven’t tried it on my Acer A200 tab and LG Optimus Phone for internet but it also connects with no problem.

    Thanks Great Job

  88. Jeffro_05 says:

    Unable to get this working on Samsung GT-P6810 7.7, brings up wireless error, restored backup version of wpa supplicant which made wireless work again. Is there a version of wpa supplicant for this tablet to enable ad hoc?

  89. hadi says:

    I am using cayanogemod 9 HP Touchpad
    my device is rooted and i have busybox installed,

    when i come to type (adb shell) in cmd and press enter it say device not found ?????????? while my device is connected vai a USB cable …

    Please try to Help;

  90. Carlos says:

    Followed to the letter and WiFi will not work…status shows turning on or error…what to do now. Tried to revert back but no luck. I have a rooted xyboard 10.1 just need my original WiFi back at this point. Factory reset did not work either and I can not find a way to unroot the device. PLEASE HELP OUT!!

    • The instructions for reverting contain an error. I already made a comment about this but the article wasn’t changed. If you already followed the instructions for reverting then enter the following after logging into the shell with adb (it should help, but no guarantee!):

      mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
      rm /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
      mv /system/bin/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
      chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
      chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf

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  92. jake says:

    after doing this it works great. only problem is now my device has no sound. and i tried reverting but it wont.

  93. Ricardo says:

    ad hoc for android 3.2, pleeeeeeeeease! :((

  94. Pedro says:

    Worked fine.
    After that, I’ve just set a static IP adress and provided the same DNS which was on the computer (server).

    Thank you.

  95. BarryD9545 says:

    I have a Vizio tablet, and I get this when trying to start the shell:

    C:\ad-hoc>adb shell
    * daemon not running. starting it now *
    * daemon started successfully *
    error: device not found

    Any hints or tips as to why the shell won’t start???

    • Miron Alighieri says:

      Can you see your device listed on Windows Explorer next to your hard drives?
      If you cant, you probably dont have the drivers installed. And you need this to adb works properly.

  96. al says:

    i’m stuck at step 4..when i write the directory where i unzipped,it says that the system cannot find the path specified…what should i do???

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  98. Pingback: Time to change « Totality – a blog about being connected

  99. Miron Alighieri says:

    Hi, do you have a wpa_supplicant file to fix this on Galaxy S2?

    I found that it has the same directory structure that a Galaxy Tab, but when i swap the original wpa_supplicant with yours, the wifi stop working and i cant get it on.

    I knew the wpa_supplicant files would be different from Galaxy Tab to Galaxy S2, but i had to try.

    I got the wifi on again by copying back the original file.

    I even tried to open both files, my original and yours, to check if i could edit the original with the changes that are in your file with an hex editor, but i found it too complex to perform.

    So, im here asking for a wpa_supplicant that could fix the same problem on my Samsgung Galaxy S2. It has ICS 4.0.3 Samsung Official.

    Thanx in advance!

  100. mel says:

    How do you even root it? What is rooting? :/

    • admin says:

      Please see this video, “why root my android smartphone?”

      • Ricardo says:

        ad hoc for android 3.2, pleeeeeeeeease!

        • 1337GameDev says:

          You should head over to xda forums. This site isn’t updated anymore. Try the galaxy tab 10.1 (not the 10.1v unless u have the European model) galaxy task 14 rom. It includes lots of tweaks (including this and USB charging) if u flash a pershoots kernel (also in forums in another thread). This Rom is for wifi version tho. There r tutorials too on how to flash and etc. flashing a new rom is way quicker than manually editing android yourself with these tweaks one by one.

          • ricardo says:

            The version is my android 3.2. I wanted help fromsomeone who understands more development, becausethe file is changed, wpa_supplicant, all of which areavailable on the Internet, have been tested by me. Thank you for your help.

      • Largillière Philippe says:

        Is there a solution for the TF700T tablet Jellybean 4.1.1?
        I’ve tried several files wpa_supplicant none worked.
        thank you

  101. John says:

    Yea, I could not get the posted version or any other to date to work on my Galaxy Tab + either.

  102. fadli says:

    good can connect but to much try to connect before get wifi

  103. ahmad says:

    How to enable adhoc wifi on A*Note CPAD 701 ?

  104. ahmad says:

    How to root on A*Note CPAD 701 ?

  105. Mark says:

    Got the hack to work fine on my Galaxy 10.1v. Work all the time for adhoc wifi from my N8. My device did an OS update recently to 3.2.1 and hey presto my device doesn’t see adhoc networks anymore. Any ideas or have Samsung cotton on so we have to use 3g sim card to keep the telcos happy?

  106. Thiago Alexandre says:

    please, I need Help!

    I made this tutorial correctly, and so the wifi says “error” and I can’t turn it on anymore
    could you please tell what happened and show me the solution to this problem?

  107. John says:

    Just replace the wpa_supplicant you changed with the original one. You did save a copy right? You should have wifi off when you replace it and you may need to reboot after changing if you still get an error.

    • Thiago Alexandre says:

      John thanks for replying, but I didn’t save the original file wpa_supplicant before doing this procedure, you could send me your please? my email is thiago.ipda @
      I am from Brazil and thank you so much for your help

      • Thiago Alexandre says:

        hey John thank you! I’ve already solved my problem, praised be God for this!

        • Ricardo says:

          I have a galaxy +7 and have tested all the files available on site development. Could you help me? I’m also from Brazil. My email is cardomecanica @

        • Richmon says:

          Hi Thiago, how did you solve the problem? I have the same problem and I did not save my wpa_supplicant file. Please help

          • Thiago Alexandre says:

            hello Richmon, please give me your mail and i’ll send you the original wpa_supplicant file

        • Ross Rae says:

          Can you send me also a copy of original file? Even I deleted the original wpa_supplicant. Thanks email me at rossi_raze @

  108. John says:

    Great Thiago, now if we could just get ad hoc to work on the Galaxy tab + 7……..

    • Ricardo says:

      I have a galaxy +7 and I’m having the same problem. Could you help me? My email is cardomecanica @

  109. John says:

    It seems hard to believe they made it so difficult to access ad hoc networks. There has got to be some smart individual out there that has found a fix for this conspiracy on the galaxy 7+.

  110. Namar68 says:

    Great work!
    I have connected my 962i (Mediacom) Ic 4.03 without root and busybox whit my y X10 mini pro (sony ericcson)
    But i have a little problem: the wify indicator now is off!
    It’s ever ‘gray’ e don’t show the white bar of signal. Only in setup menu i can see the very level of signal. Can you help me?
    Sorry for my english ( i’m Italian)


  111. Johan Vandeplas says:

    all right! I tried it on my htc desire (rooted phone). at this line:

    chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf

    I got the error: chown: unknown user/group system:wifi
    I’ve tried with system:wifi, wifi.system, wifi:system, all unknown…
    So I decided to exit adb and reboot. Luckily everything works fine!


  112. rakesh says:

    i need to find the password of wifi network used in my android tablet .when i try to open /etc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf it will display a blank screen.can any1 help me.

  113. Roger says:

    I want to use a android base phone to connect to a WiFi enabled device that is running in Ad Hoc mode. Will your work-around above allow the phone to see the WiFi node running in Ad Hoc?

  114. vj says:

    I have Android Tablet name “Ainol Novo 7 Aurora”,

    Plz tell me the steps from first,
    I mean How to ROOT this device & How to install BUSYBOX???

    • Saji Menon says:

      VJ, I also have an Ainol Tornado, and I believe that the Ainol devices are already rooted. Do you have ES Task Manager installed on the device?. If so you have an option to get an additional program called ES File Explorer. Using that you can enable root access in the options and that program also enables mounting System as read-write. Personally the solution listed for ad-hoc network does not work for me since I have a peculiar setup. I connect to a normal Wifi router (linksys) at home and that requires Infrastructure Wifi. So the default WPA Supplicant only works there. And if i am not at home then I need to connect to my Nokia E5 running Joiku hotspot for which I need to enable Ad-hoc Wifi mode by replacing WPA Supplicant provided in the file. So that kind of switching between both the WPA supplicant is not practical. Hope that helps.

  115. Glenn N says:

    Urk, my Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus (SGT-p6210) no longer has working wifi. I rooted, installed SuperUser and BusyBox apps, then installed Terminal Emulator. I am doing everything from TerminalEmulator as su (root), I don’t know why so many people seem to use adb from a Windows shell. I want my normal wifi back. I’ll give up on adhoc for now.

    To restore I basically did these steps:
    chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
    cp /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf.original /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
    chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf

    I see in this thread that it is recommended to first:
    mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    But why? I am running a shell on my Android and I already see the /system directory.

    In detail here’s what has happened:
    1. I first made a copy of /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
    2. Installed and ran ZT-180 for ad-hoc.
    3. ZT-180 failed to work and my wifi is no longer working.
    4. From terminal I then find that wpa_supplicant was not even changed!
    5. Now I find that /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf was changed and a copy of previous version was made for me. I view previous version and it is definitely my old conf.
    6. Restore conf file: “cp wpa_supplicant.*.original wpa_supplicant.conf”
    7. reboot. Now I get WiFi Error all the time.
    8. Oops, need to change ownership: “chown system.wifi wpa_supplicant.conf”
    9. reboot. Now I get “Wifi Starting” all the time – it cannot successfully start.
    10. reboot is no help.

    What am I missing? Are there other files to change? Can someone please help?

    Thanks so much.
    — Glenn in Santa Cruz, CA

  116. John says:

    Just replace the wpa_supplicant with the original one you saved and reboot and it should work. I haveyet to find a modded one that will work properly on a Galaxy tab 7+ and allow adhoc.

    • Glenn N says:

      IF you read the steps that I listed, you will see that my wpa_supplicant file was unchanged.
      Finally i decided to try factory reset. This restored wifi to working. Strangely the wpa binary and conf files are unchanged. So I really have no idea what went wrong and what got fixed.

  117. Raquel says:

    hi… then i tipe adb shell, it appears “shell@android:/ $”. is it normal?
    and then, whem i tipe “su” it says “not found”..
    how do i solve this problem?
    thanks (and sorry the mistakes)

  118. Dan says:

    Has anyone successfully done this for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (P5113)? When I use this wpa_supplicant file, my wi-fi just hangs when I try to enable it (“Turning wifi on…”). Has anyone tailored a WPA file yet for the Tab 2?

  119. Franz says:




  120. Works perfectly on galaxy tab p1000 gingerbread.
    I used a slightly different method here and i report here just to let everyone know.

    I used “terminal emulator” (an app available from the play store) and i was able to do everything through the shell directly on the device (Root and busybox installed here on firmware 2.3.3, kernel version, build

    -i first downldoaded the wpa_supplicant directly from the internet (tanks for the links!) in the tablet and then -extracted using an app.
    -copied the wpa_supplicant file in /sdcard/adhocenabler/
    -disabled the WIFI in the device directly from the notification bar
    -enabled USB debug mode (just to be sure, but i think it shouldn’t be required)
    -started “terminal emulator” and typed ( forget the hashes, of course):
    su -
    mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    cp /system/bin/wpa_supplicant /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original
    cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant /system/bin/.
    chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
    chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf

    -then i tried to enable the wifi antenna directly (without rebooting) and it immediately started to detect ad-hoc networks, but it fails to connect.
    -so i disabled wifi antenna and then rebooted.
    -after the boot was completed, i enabled the wifi antenna and started to enjoy browsing the internet through my NOKIA 5800 with Joikuspot regularly buyed app (that is a great app, that was embedded in the system since nokia belle).

  121. Thinh says:

    Sorry, I tried them in my Motorola Xoom with Android 4.0.3 but it failed.
    Do we have another solutions? Thanks so much

  122. Zapp says:

    Got it working on Acer Iconia A500.

    The original post and comments from Dave Hylands and others in combination helped me.

    Here is a few tips for those of you who still needs a little push.

    For adb problems, like device not found etc. Make sure you have latest USB drivers installed on your PC for you tab. That helped me in the first step.

    When the permission problems with mounting began (returned “mount: permission denied (are you root?)”) i fiddled with it back and forth a bit. I decided to do it from the Tab itself, using Terminal emulator (Thank you Dave Hyland for that suggestion and command). Installed Terminal Emulator from Store and then typed “su” and then “mount -o rw,remount /system” (Ty Dave). And finaly it worked.

    Next step was to make a copy of the original “wpa_supplicant”. And then replace it with the one included in the download provided in the original post.
    This is how i did it.

    Connect the Tab in “USB mass storage” mode to PC. copy the “wpa_supplicant” from PC to Tab, does not matter where you put it. But you need to remember where tho.
    On your Tab open Terminal emulator. type:
    su (Accept permission for the application to get Root privs. (Not always needed.))
    mount -o rw,remount /system
    cp /system/bin/wpa_supplicant /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original
    cp /sdcard/tmp/wpa_supplicant /system/bin/. (/”sdcard/tmp/”wpa_supplicant text within quotes here should be replaced with the location you put the wpa_supplicant when you moved it from you PC to the Tab.)
    chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
    chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf

    Restart your Tab.

    If you still have problems, try to realize exactly what the different commands are doing. If you understand that you can most likley think of 10+ different ways to work around whatever problem you are having.

    Some of my writing is most likley confusing or could have been done better. The purpose of this comment was simply this. If someone had wrote what i just did i could have saved myself some trail and error. The second purpose was to thank the original poster and Dave.

    • Zapp says:

      Forgot to mention that my A500 tab is running ICS Version 4.0.3 .

      • Dan says:

        Was the size of the new wpa_supplicant file comparable to the size of the original on your A500?

        • Zapp says:

          Hey Dan, My original wpa_supplicant file was ~ 470K and the replacement was around ~289K .

          I should also say that when i leave my tab and it goes to sleep i need to turn wifi Off and then On again to be able to connect to any network, And the icon in the notification area does not always show the signal strenght. But it does still show the 2 arrows indicating download or upload, this is true for any wifi connection and not just adhoc.

          Hope you get it to work.


  123. ahmad says:

    i did but now my wifi desn work !!!
    please help me

  124. Vivek says:

    I tried this and it changed the supplicant file. But now there is no WiFi – the slider is grayed out. At first it says turning Wifi on …. then disappears – Wifi list shows nothing. Bluetooth is fine.

    I am using a GT P7510 but upgraded it to ICS via Kies.

    Could that be the reason?

    Hoping it reverts…



  125. Vivek says:

    Oh no…

    after reverting the file – WIFI is still dead!!!!

    Help me Obi Wan Kenobi…you are my only hope…


    • Zapp says:

      Vivek, just a shot in the dark here. but did you get these to commands working as they should?
      chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
      chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf

      • Mr. V says:

        Hi Zapp,

        Thanks for the feedback – yup chmod’d and chown’d correctly!

        Fortunately I had a back up of the old file – WiFi is back – but no adhoc networks.

        Is it safe to assume that with every upgrade of OS – wpa_supplicant is new and overwritten?



        • Zapp says:

          I don’t know. But you could check “last modified date” i guess. That would give some idea. Tho the file might be subject to”auto replace” during an update. That is to say that some system files are scanned before an update and replaced with original should they not match. But i have no clue if said file is included or even if such a method is used when upgrading etc!

          I don’t remember if someone mentioned this earlier but you might have to restart the device 2 times after the change. Anyway good luck!

  126. Mr. V says:

    Is there a supplicant file for ICS that has been modified to allow ad hoc.

    I think that is the issue. This method posted above is for Android 3.1. And did not work on my ICS version.

    But I successfully reverted it back.



    Mr. V

  127. Mr. V says:


    Status: No dice

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT P7510 with Android 4.04

    Hmm….tried it again…same problem – after the modification and reboot twice (about 10x now) – Wifi remains grayed out. Cannot switch it on.

    Output after changes:

    -rwxr-xr-x root root 295964 2012-09-15 15:35 wpa_supplicant
    -rwxr-xr-x root root 481488 2012-09-03 18:31 wpa_supplicant.tmp

    -rw-rw—- system wifi 285 2012-09-15 15:28 wpa_supplicant.conf

    Going to revert.

    If I changed the permissions of wpa_supplicant.conf – would that help?



    Mr. V

    • Thinh says:

      I agree with Mr. V.
      My Motorola Xoom with 4.0.3 got the same status.
      Maybe the supplicant file included in the is the one for the previous version
      not for ICS.

  128. Mr. V says:

    Just curious when reverting back to your old wpa_supplicant – do you have to rename wpa_supplicant.original to wpa_supplicant?

    mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/.
    chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant <—rename from .original to ?
    chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf


    Mr. V

  129. aprusandrew says:

    i’ve got the same error as vivek, after rebooting it shows “turning wi fi on” and that’s it??? what’s the problem?? is it fixable?? otherwise please give full details how to revert it back!!!

  130. Mr. V says:

    Follow the revert instructions.

    mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/.

    BUT you need to rename wpa_supplicant.original to wpa_supplicant after the copy command.

    CD /system/bin
    Mv wpa_supplicant.original wpa_supplicant

    chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
    chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf


    Good luck.

  131. houssein chender says:

    hello,my galaxy tab wifi does not turn on after all step why??

  132. houssein chender says:

    hello,my galaxy tab 2 10.1 3g,wifi does not turn on after all step why??

  133. John says:

    I have yet to find one that will work on a Galaxy tab 7+. Always save your original WPA spuulicant file so you can revert back!

  134. Bernhard says:

    Hi all,
    the lesson I leared start reading from the latest reply.
    I tried it under ICS on Galaxy Tab 2 P5100 it doesn’t work.
    I appechiate to all the wise people I need a soluion to connect my HTC HD2
    with the Galaxy. The reason is the SIM card reader is brocken.

    Thank you in advance.

  135. Doctor_Fruitbat says:

    If you’d thought to mention anywhere in the tutorial that I’d need a rooted tablet and ADB drivers on my PC I probably wouldn’t have wasted six hours of my life wondering why it wasn’t working. I reached this page through google (as did a lot of people, I imagine) so you really can’t miss out info like that.

  136. Naveen says:

    my device is sony xperia p just wanted to know whether the device needs to be rooted before following this procedure if yes can you please tell me how to root it . Thank you

  137. Thomas Fowler says:

    I was able to go through all the steps, but the wpa_supplicant file supplied here does not work on a Nexus 7 (Jelly Bean). You get no WiFi at all. If you want to try this, be sure to note the correction in the reversion steps, vis.
    cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
    We have to await a new wpa_supplicant that will work on this version of Android.

  138. Vee says:

    if i type adb shell it shows error: device not found ???

  139. jack says:

    i tryed that to connect to my phone and it works fine.

    but PROBLEM is that now i cant see the wifi status bars it just empty gray triangle with to arrows in it.

    any solution for that ?

  140. waheb says:

    I root my galaxy tab 2 7.0
    I follow this tutorial step by step but I got WiFi problem it becomes inactive
    I tried many times to recovery the original file but i got the same problem
    could u help please

  141. subu says:

    first up all thank you your a great help i followed your instruction and rooted my note gt-n8000 but your wap supplicant file did not work so i couldn’t access my ad-hoc network . later i found that it’s for different model can you generate & upload a suitable wpa_supplicant file for ad hoc network access in gt-n8000. I will be great full to you.
    Your follower

  142. subu says:

    for the guys who got stuck while recovering the original wpa suppilcant file
    for reverting
    the third line instruction is this
    “cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/.”
    but it should be
    cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
    Otherwise it will compile the old file not the original which your are tring to restore

  143. Samarth says:

    I Manully tried , tried the above method , and also tried Ad-Hoc wifi Enabler app
    But nothing worked for me
    I have rooted Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G with busybox installed but also cant connect

  144. MICHAEL says:


  145. Samarth says:

    Hey ADMIN!
    U Have any Pre-Activated Ad-Hoc wifi rom for TAb 10.1 3G?

  146. Athina says:

    I’m desperate! I have a HP Touchpad that runs Android, followed all the steps above except from the fact that since I didn’t have the drivers for adb on my computer I used the ADBWireless app from the Play Store which worked fine (at least it looked like it worked fine) and didn’t have any issues.. now I’ve rebooted my device and I have no wifi at all!!! And I can’t restore it since ADBWireless doesn’t work without wifi! Please help me I don’t know what to do!! All I wanted was to be able to access ad hoc wifi and now I can’t use my tablet at all :(

  147. matt says:

    i have an icecream sandich d2pag from big lots . i followed all your steps im rooted got busybox .when i go to turn the wifi on it just sits at turning wifi on and never gets any further.need some help

  148. Archie says:

    i did this step by step nd my tablet is rooted bt my wifi won’t turn on….its gray not green

  149. iamsherlocked says:

    hello guys, i have a non branded Android Tablet. i was not having its ADB Driver, so searched on google and found an article . i downloaded and installed its driver, then ADB Shell worked correctly. I followed as in video and in post. it happened correctly i guess…… BUT, Now, WiFi is not enabling. Its saying Turning Wi-Fi On… and nothing is happening. I rebooted a lot of times, but no good yet. anyone please help. for now i am reverting back to original.

  150. Hi
    Will this hack work on Android phones? Seeing from the instructions it seems it will work. But just checking it to make sure it does.

  151. bishnu says:

    cant find the developement mode or option in applications.
    it is android 2.3 platform bsnl penta wifi supported but i dont know how to activate ad hoc .plz help…….

  152. pssecretajent says:

    [MOD]Adhoc WIFI support for Android JellyBean Tablet (Tested by me with JoikuSpot)

  153. Arcopolo says:

    This doesn’t work anymore ???
    I rooted my Galaxy 10.1 succesfully and made it ad hoc compatibel (with thanks to admin). It worked perfectly. But now I want to go back because I can’t seem to get my Android-update. So, I don’t know if I have to un-adhoc my tablet, but I probably have to unroot it. Just remove Super User, people say, but that won’t work. Any idea how to ?

  154. Nunzio says:

    I have a rooted Sony Xperia tablet S, and after all the commands I can’t turn on wifi anymore! Also I have replaced another time the wpa_supplicant with the original one but still doen’t work…Please help me!

  155. Glenn N says:

    I got into the same pickle with my Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus – even though I had restored the original wpa_supplicant and one or two other config files, my WiFi would not work. Finally I did a factory restore – I don’t remember how, but it wasn’t difficult. This restored my WiFi. I was afraid I’d be back to my initial device, but I seem to recall (this was more than 9 months ago) that new apps were pretty much intact, so it wasn’t too painful.
    You have a Sony, it might not work for you.

    • Nunzio says:

      The real problem is that I have ICS and not Honeycomb…
      Anyway I think there is a problem in the command for restore the previous wpa_supplicant….
      The command: “cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/.”
      Shoud be: “cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/wpa_supplicant”
      Because the first copy wpa_supplicant.oruginal with the same name, and it obviously is not recognized from andorid, that still to load the modified wpa_supplicant…

  156. jayemway says:

    Unfortunately, this does not work on jellybean 4.1.1 The wifi won’t even turn on after the installation of the new wpa_supplicant.

  157. Stuart says:

    Oops, posted in the wrong place first time. Sorry!

    Got all this to work in the end but then… no WiFi! It just wouldn’t start with the new WPA file. Tried reverting back to the old file as per instructions but it still wont start.
    Tried using the revised command line as posted by Nunzio but that didn’t make any difference either.
    Eventually gave in and did a factory reset… and guess what…
    The WiFi STILL won’t start… and I’ve lost all my apps! I should’ve seen that coming!
    I now have no BusyBox and no easy way to re-acquire it on the tablet now that my WiFi is down!
    I don’t even know if the tablet’s still rooted after the reset. (?)

    Please help! How do I fix this WPA file & get my WiFi back?

    • Stuart says:

      According to ClockWorldMod Recovery (which manages to stay installed despite multiple factory resets), my tab remains rooted.
      Still no WiFi though.
      I’ve tried repeating the instructions but without BusyBox I have no idea whether the adb commands are actually doing anything useful, or whether the WPA file is even the problem.

      Way I see it, unless anyone knows how to fix this, the only way forward that I can think of is to re-install Android from scratch… and I have no idea how to do that either!

      Factory resets aren’t fixing the problem and somehow I’ve lost my backup files! Please someone help me out!

      I’m on a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 GP3110 running Android 4.1.1

      • Glenn N says:

        Samsung tablet – you may be in luck! Have you used Kies application? It’s Samsung’s proprietary desktop application for managing your tablet. I haven’t figured out what this gigantic program is good for, other than installing updates and restoring munged tablets.

        • Stuart says:

          I’ve had an older version of Kies on both my machines for a while but have only just (about an hour ago) upgraded to the latest version.

          How do I use it to un-mung my tablet?

          • Glenn N says:

            Sorry, I don’t know how, but I’m pretty sure that Kies can do the job. Like yourself, I hadn’t run Kies in a year. When I ran it last month (hoping to get Jellybean for my Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus), I was astonished at how big the update was. Kies seems to be some awfully bloated software.

      • ijcl says:

        Curious, I have the same tablet running a custom stock based ROM…

        the method didn’t work, Wifi won’t start… Reverted, and Wifi is back like nothing happened.

        However, instead of doing the command line method, all I did was use root browser to rename files, copy/move files, and set permissions… The only time I used the terminal was to do the chown command.

  158. Stuart says:

    Yeah it’s a huge upgrade. My not-so-broad mobile “broadband” took a good 30 minutes downloading it. I see some new tools for emergency recovery & transferring files from non-Samsung devices but that’s about it. The emergency recovery seems to be self-enabling, IE the device tells Kies if it needs recovery. In my case it’s not appearing in the list of devices that need the treatment. Will have a good play with the new Kies & see what else it’s capable of though. Hopefully the solution is in there somewhere… or maybe someone on here will know another way.

  159. shahjenit says:

    On My Jelly bean tablet LAVA XTRON ETAB, I have performed all operations mentions above.

    I want to connect it with my nokia 603 using joikuspot.

    It shows the name of the hotspot but when I try to connect to the joikuspot, first it shows “connecting”, but after some time it shows “saved”. It doesnt connect for internet actually.

    Please help me.
    Thanks a lot.

  160. Vijay Jadhav says:

    I have tried all above steps without any error, but I am not able to search ad hoc connection created by my nokia E6 + joiku. my tablet is lava xtron+. any other idea or any other wp_supplicant file address.
    Thanks in advance.

  161. Francisco Senna says:

    Third line os revert procedure:
    ” cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/. ”
    should be:
    ” cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/wpa_supplicant ”
    or else the original file will be copied with the wrong name.

    By the way, out of luck with onda v712 JB4.2.2. original file size: 670356

  162. Kyle Reed says:

    I have tried to pull this off on my Nexus 7 (2103) but it errors as text file busy when I try to rename, delete, move, etc. the original wpa_sup file.

    I even have the replacement wpa file in system/bin (as

    The device is:
    Has the most current busybox
    Tried with Wifi on and with wifi off, with a reboot in the middle of both

    Any suggestions?

  163. Farouk Benali says:

    I’ve tried this with Ubuntu on Mediatek ( wiko cink peax / everclassic) phone. It didn’t work.
    - step 2: write adb shell
    - for the recovery: 2′nd line= [ cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/. ] does not restore the original wpa_supplicant to bin forder instead I think it copies “wpa_supplicant.original” to bin folder. I tried [ cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/wpa_supplicant ] and it works again :)

  164. ashfak says:

    hi it was a great tips…but it is not working on my galaxy tab 2 7.0….after finishing all steps successfully when i try to turn on the wifi it got hanged!!it all ways come with a message”turning on…”……is there any solution??i want to use my joiku spot wifi hotspot,is there any way to use that wifi with my tab??? :) :)

  165. ghouse says:

    i have rooted my swipe x743D tab to support adhoc network as shown but the wifi is not switching on and the tab internal memory is showing full and has become unusable please help

  166. EddieC says:

    I have a Samsung p3113 Tab 2 7.0. I’ve followed the step by step instructions and watched the tutorial video and now my Wi-Fi hangs(“Turning On”). I tried to revert back but my Wi-Fi on my Tab 2 but it still hangs. There are a couple of users having the same issue, can someone diagnose the issue Please help. Thanks.

    • Roberto says:

      Hi !
      Something goes wrong:
      ::: mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
      Mount: Read-only file system
      ::: cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/.
      cp: /system/bin/ ./wpa_supplicant.original: Read-only file system
      ::: chmod 755 /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
      Unable to chmod /system/bin/wpa_supplicant: Read-only file system

      Busybox is installed: can you help me? Thanks

    • kunal says:

      hi there m facing the same problem with mu wifi, please let me know if u get any sollution.

  167. Adrian says:

    Wifi wont turn on now :(, any suggestions?

  168. Rohan says:

    after following steps when i try to switch on my wifi connection on aakash tab it doesnt turn on

  169. Kuzo says:

    I’m getting this

    C:\adhoctablets>adb shell
    * daemon not running. starting it now *
    * daemon started successfully *
    error: device offline


  170. loko says:

    Hi! I have a question will this work on an android phone?
    I wanted to try this on linux i typed ” ./adb-linux shell “, but tell’s me that I don’t have permition.
    Can you help please?

  171. Lawrence says:

    Followed all the steps and wifi won’t turn on.

    To restore, step 3 should be

    cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.original /system/bin/wpa_supplicant

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