Facebook APK File Download for Android Tablets!

For some reason, if you lost Facebook on your Android tablet, you can easily get it back by installing Facebook APK file here. This works on all Android tablet devices including Motorola Xoom, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Tab 10.1, EeePad Transformer, LG G-Slate, and many more.

Download Facebook APK file and install:

Download Facebook APK

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8 Responses to Facebook APK File Download for Android Tablets!

  1. Walter says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 and I am a Android newbie. I have rooted android and followed the instructions. After having entered “cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant /system/bin/. I got the message “can’t stat “/sdcard/wpa_supplicant” no such file or directory”. I entered the remaining lines without any problem and messages. After this I rebooted and tried to connect my HTC HD2 with the tablet. Result: The HTC is recognized by the tablet but when I try to connect I get still the message “Adhoc is not supported by Android platform yet” from the WiFi Analyzer. I reverted my entry and retyped – after rebooting – again. Same result. Any idea what could be wrong ?? Thanks responding in advance

    • admin says:

      That’s probably the app’s fault.

      • Walter says:

        I tried to connect with different apps: WiFi Manager, WiFi Buddy, WiFi connect – same negative result.

      • Walter says:

        I detected, that the wpa_supplicant original and new have exactly the same size. It seems for me, the the copy of the new one did not work properly. Restoriong the old setup and recopying with the proposed procedure did not change anything. During the proposed procedure I got the error message as described above (“Adhoc is not supported by Android platform yet”). Can anyone tell to me as an Android newbie what I could do ? Thanks.

      • Walter says:

        sorry, it was the other error meesage: “can’t stat “/sdcard/wpa_supplicant” no such file or directory” which I got after “cp /sdcard/wpa_supplicant/system/bin/.

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